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Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC has been chosen by Regional Investors as the best broker in the region, a huge achievement given that it came top in the same category last year. The firm is recognized as one of the region’s top Islamic finance partners with strong performance across its corporate zones, brokerage and asset management businesses. The brokerage is led by ZohnZozef, who has been the regional head of operations for the past few years.

Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC aims “to challenge conventions using the power of ideas”. It talks about a paradigm shift happening in finance and wealth management both in UAE and across the world. In order to help clients cope with this change,

Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC managers are pursuing strategic opportunities using research and in-depth local analysis to create an experience that is “tangible and result-orientated”. Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC said its resources are deployed to understand and anticipate future demands and to deliver “performing ideas”.

According to the firm, its Islamic values and sharia principles form the bedrock of its investment products and wealth maximizing solutions. Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC has a number of local and global trading platforms to give investors access to 35 markets, including its Broker-Assisted Trading, Trading Lounge and Touchstone Trading platforms.

Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC says investors in the region are going through a tough learning process. It says it tries to help investors through its research business, which analyses stock markets through regular coverage of markets and occasional strategy reports.

CC Capital Marketsatch – Q1 2021

As some countries are seeing the benefits of mass COVID-19 vaccination drives and starting to plan for their gradual exits from lockdowns, some degree of investor confidence is returning as reflected through the 5 IPOs in Q1 2021.

2020 and Q1 2021 saw a flurry of debt activity including multiple sovereign issuances encouraged by the low interest rates and weak oil prices. With oil prices gradually recovering, we may see an adjustment to the sovereign debt activity in the near term.

Regional Activity.

2020 was a quiet year with only 7 IPOs, of which three occurred during Q1 2020, before the impact of COVID-19 escalated. In contrast, Q1 2021 alone witnessed a total of 5 IPOs raising USD 571 million. Two of these IPOs were listed on Tadawul and contributed to 49% of the total GCC proceeds for the quarter: Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies Co. and Theeb Rent a Car Co raised USD 138 million and USD 144 million, respectively.


UAE’s first IPO in three years debuted on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM). Al Mal Capital REIT raised USD 95 million and was also the exchange’s first real estate investment fund listing. UAE launched multiple initiatives during the year relating to business ownership and listing requirements which are expected to have a positive impact on IPOs on the local stock exchanges which include, amongst others:

Federal Law No. 26 of 2020 amends the regulation concerning commercial companies which removes the 51 percent UAE ownership requirement. It also allows owners of private joint-stock companies to sell up to 70 percent of their capital publicly, up from 30 percent previously.

Securities and Commodities Authority Resolution No.25/RM of 2020 allows free zone companies in the UAE to list their shares on DFM or ADX, if certain conditions are fulfilled.

Dubai Decree No. 3 of 2021 enables certain foreign companies to list their shares in Dubai and introduces additional listing related rules relating to public joint stock companies incorporated in Dubai or elsewhere in UAE but with branches, assets or operations in Dubai.

Muscat Securities Market also played host to a REIT IPO this quarter, which raised USD 13.1 million for Oman REIT Fund.

This quarter’s largest IPO took place on the Qatar Stock Exchange (“QSE”): Q Life & Medical Insurance Co LLC raised USD 181 million. QSE is also set to launch the QE Venture Market aimed at SMEs that do not fulfil the listing requirement of the main market to give them an alternative fundraising option.

The listing of UAE-based Al Mal Capital REIT in January on the Dubai Financial Market (“DFM”) was an important milestone. Not only did it mark the first primary listing in Dubai in nearly three years but it was also the first ever real estate investment fund to be listed on the SCA-regulated DFM. The IPO raised AED 350 million (USD 95 million) and the company disclosed that the proceeds would be invested in a Shariah-compliant diversified portfolio of income generating properties that serve sectors including healthcare, education and industrial assets, with a target annual return of 7%..

Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC played a pivotal role in delivering this milestone IPO. We acted as the Company’s reporting auditor and worked closely with management in undertaking tasks required of a reporting auditor.

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