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LENDING:   Best-in-Class Investor and our chains of connections with Investors within the GCC.

Investment from the Middle East forms an important part of this trend. For example, in 2011, Saudi Arabia ranked fifth among Malaysia’s leading sources of investment, behind Japan, Korea, the United States and Singapore. Saudi investment in Malaysia rose to an estimated US$865 million in 2012.[2]

GCC Investor and Marketing.

Are you looking to attract affluent Arabs or wealthy businessmen from the GCC to invest with your company? Look no further. Hubholzer specializes in marketing to Arabs and we have experience attracting Arab investors from across the Middle East especially in oil rich Gulf countries part of the GCC.

Depending on the type of Arab investor you are looking for, there are a variety of different online marketing channels we specialize in to attract Arab investor leads to your business.

We have wide contacts with lenders and investors with heavy financial capacity to shoulder your projects or lending scope.

We loan / lending procedures are very simple and direct, although the specific steps can vary from lender to lender and business to business, most business and commercial financing will follow a similar process. We have access to many potential financiers within the Gulf countries.

We will guide you on the process if you tell us what you want.


  1. A) Tell us how much you want to borrow?
  2. B) What kind of project or business do you have?
  3. C) Where is the location of your project or business?

Once we know the above answers, it will give us a clear idea to recommend a specific lender and the funding scenario and also help our team to estimate how long it will take for HubHolzer Financing Broker, LLC Obtain funding.

We focus on building trust:


The biggest mistake that many brokers or agents make in the Arab World is assuming that Arabs are just too hard to turn into customers and giving up when the sale process gets a little drawn out. That said, once a borrowers those out of this region has built trust with an Arab they are often surprise by the brand loyalty they have. This means that the average life time value of an Arab investor could be 2-5 times higher than the lifetime value of a western investor. Investing more time in earning an Arab’s business can reap huge rewards in the long.

Wealthy Business Man

The wealthy Arab business man is typically very savvy, having been schooled internationally. They’ve done business with companies around the globe and they have high standards for transparency and control with their investments.

Inheritor of money

The Inheritor of family money is quite different from other types of investors. They are not all the same but you may find that some of them are not so savvy with their investments and are more attracted by investments that are more exciting and interesting. Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC team knows how to interact with the investors this region, we knows their dos and don’ts.