Arab Royalty

Though its quite rare to win the money of royalty in the gulf it is worth noting that the royal families in some countries in the region are massive. In GCC there is said to be more than 7000 princes. If you are able to attract royalty to your investment opportunities it is essential to think long term as you may find that it becomes easier to attract more royal investors after you have the first one.

Arabs Fleeing Risky Markets.

It’s important to understand that many investors in the Middle East are looking to protect their money in the midst of turmoil in the region. It would be a mistake to assume that only the stable countries in the region have individuals with wealth in them. Instead you will find that there are wealthy individuals in the region who are looking to keep their hard earned money safe by investing in foreign markets.

Expats living in the Arab world

Though these investors aren’t technically Arabs they are an additional type of investor you can target on many of the same Middle East channels as you use for targeting Arabs.  Across the Arab world there are a large number of expats with money that have moved to region to earn high salaries to get ahead in booming markets. To ignore these investors would be a mistake.

What is the Arab Investor looking for………….In general we find there a few elements different types of Arab investors are looking for and we list them here.

Fun – Yes, it may not make sense to other types of investors but there are many Arab investors who inherited wealth or got it with little to no effort so their money may not have the same value as someone who earned it from scratch. They are search for investments that interest them.

Stability – Many Arabs see turmoil in the Middle East as a sign for concern and therefore seek to invest their money outside of the Middle East in an effort to make sure their wealth doesn’t disappear. With the new economic challenges introduced in 2020 to the price of oil and oil demand, wealthy Arabs are looking to invest outside the region even more.

Ease – Arab investors aren’t typically looking for complicated investments. They want investment opportunities that are easy to understand and make sense. In many cases you may find that some Arab investors are only interested in investing in things that are tangible like real estate and gold. This is changing though as the real estate market isn’t producing the same returns that it used to in the region.


Prestige – Certain types of investments have the ability to portray honor to the individuals who invest in them. This can be the case with certain types of real estate, valuable collectibles, and other tangible investments. Some wealthy Arabs are in search for these types of investments that give them both prestige and value appreciation.

Though all Arab investors don’t have all four of these traits we find that a majority have at least one of these traits. In light of this, we find that marketing to them with ad-copy that highlights the benefits to these types of individuals can be very effective.

Arabs and Overcoming Risk Aversion

Arabs tend to be quite risk averse when compared to other cultures around the world. In light of this there are 3 tactics we employee to help Arabs feel less fear about investing.

Multiple touch points – You can’t expect most Arabs to respond to you the first time they hear about you or the first time they see your ad. The larger the risk the more times they need to interact with your brand before they feel comfortable making an investment.

Professional Brand in English with Powerful Arabic marketing – Arabs tend to trust foreign companies with an established brand globally. With this said Arabs respond to and are impacted by messaging in Arabic as it is there native and heart language. As a direct result of this we find that effective marketing tailored to Arabs contains both a strong presence in English but also a strong Arabic presence. The combination of the two is a sign of a globally trusted brand.

Landing pages tailored to the benefits they care about – Above we mentioned some of the things that Arabs care about but we find that few companies incorporate this messaging into their landing pages and ads. A savvy marketer will focus on attracting investors with messaging that is geared toward what they care about.

In short if you are looking for an Arab focused marketing agency to help you get results and gain more investors from the Arab world we’d love to help you accomplish your goals.

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