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HubHolzer Financing Broker LLC


Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC is a brokerage firm incorporated in the United Arab Emirates as a partner / shareholding Company in B S C MANAGEMENT LLC. It is equally owned by the Hubert Holzer and manages by Mr. ZohnJozef and other teams of experienced staffs and board members.


Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC mission is to source out funding’s for large and small scale project owners and foster the economic growth, the economic diversity and the capital markets development. Because of our performance we have become the investment partner of choice for institutional investors and industrial companies, Individual


Due to our local in the GCC region at Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC, our culture is embodied by our core values and relationship with so many clients both local and international. These values enable Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC to become the investment partner of choice in the GCC attract and retain the best talent.These values are:


We are committed to identifying and developing the best possible investment opportunities


We strive to be a provider of innovative solutions and in setting market-benchmarks which others follow.


We seek to implement and maintain world class levels of disclosure and transparency.


We stand by the rights of our business partners, clients and our people.


We seek to be flexible to the individual needs of our business partners and our people.


We actively encourage professional development of our people, seeing this as a benefit to our partners, as well as to the individual.


We encourage a team approach to produce the best possible outcomes.

These values are at the heart of the Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC and its commitment to its stakeholders, employees and business partners

We understand that retaining a competitive edge requires the right attitude, right approach and a strong commitment to deliver.

Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC has been chosen by Regional Investors as the best broker in the region, a huge achievement given that it came top in the same category last year. The firm is recognised as one of the region’s top Islamic finance partners with strong performance across its corporate zones, brokerage and asset management businesses. The brokerage is led by ZohnZozef, who has been the regional head of operations for the past few years.

Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC aims “to challenge conventions using the power of ideas”. It talks about a paradigm shift happening in finance and wealth management both in UAE and across the world. In order to help clients cope with this change, Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC managers are pursuing strategic opportunities using research and in-depth local analysis to create an experience that is “tangible and result-orientated”. Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC said its resources are deployed to understand and anticipate future demands and to deliver “performing ideas”.

According to the firm, its Islamic values and sharia principles form the bedrock of its investment products and wealth maximizing solutions. Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC has a number of local and global trading platforms to give investors access to 35 markets, including its Broker-Assisted Trading, Trading Lounge and Touchstone Trading platforms.

Hubholzer Financing Broker LLC says investors in the region are going through a tough learning process. It says it tries to help investors through its research business, which analyses stock markets through regular coverage of markets and occasional strategy reports.